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Welcome to The Auto Station!

The Auto Station is home to the best auto repair Burlington has to offer. We’re certain you’ll notice that we’re not just another run-of-the-mill repair shop the second you arrive. We know that great, great service starts with treating you right. We offer fast, friendly service at very competitive pricing.

Our difference is our commitment to provide you with value. We know how to extend the life of your car and keep your repair expenses to a minimum. Our professional auto technician, our first line products, and your three-year/60,000 km warranty on every service we provide are part of our commitment to extending you that value.

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Our Customer Reviews

This place was awesome, did an amazing job on my van

Kris Aubertin Mar 3, 2023

This was my first using this place , I was really impressed with everything from the beginning, Honest pricing , work completed was awsome !!! I will definitely go back and use this place , For a woman not knowing alot about cars the female staff were amazing they were very polite and explained to me what they would have to do to fix my car in a none patronizing way . Well done Auto station !!!

Janet Campbell Feb 2, 2024

The Auto Station is home to the best mechanic Burlington offers I’ve been thrilled with the service on my 2021 Dodge Ram truck from start to finish. From the super friendly and helpful service advisors on the front counter to the master mechanic - John that manages the team of mechanics that work on my trucks I’ve had an amazing experience every time. These guys are my go to shop in Burlington!

Bill Hetherington Jan 1, 2024

Amazing experience considering the situation. Was in quite a rut and didn’t know what to do at all! Steve and the girls at the front were very helpful with explaining and showing me on the car what was going on and discussing everything. Overall they made this tough experience a great one Have since gone back and still a great experience, the mechanics definitely know what they are talking about and doing. Really appreciate the help!

Amber Murie Aug 8, 2022

Great customer service, everything was well documented.

Victor Soares Jan 1, 2024

Good customer service.and a loaner car if your early enough.my new go to place

James Martini May 5, 2021

Wordy comment as follows: Sometimes people are great and know what you need. Honesty is a big deal. I can gladly say that a very expensive repair was needed and done right. My electric car is not common and it makes things harder to figure out at times. Never has there been a moment where they say....."best go somewhere else"! This happened to me many times before my wife found and suggested this place to try! The Auto Station has been more professional than recent trips to BMW, Chrysler, Hyundai & Kia stealerships over the past few years for several different cars. Unlike the stealerships; They email /text you a full diagnostic with photos and codes....it's pretty slick. Oooh....and they lend you a car to drive while your's is getting fixed! 😮 The Ladies/Gents at front of house know cars, don't think they aren't knowledgable! Mechanics show me all the stuff replaced and even drove around with me to show me how my car works (just when you think you know stuff)! Did i say too much??

Shane Anderson Jan 1, 2024

I went to the auto station based upon my mechanics referral for an alignment. After they checked out my car they told me that I needed some work done before they could do the alignment. I didn't expect that I needed this work done ( very thorough inspection) so I told them I would have to come back when I had some more money. Since I didn't get the alignment done or any work done there they were going to charge me $100 for the inspection. However once I told them that they didn't tell me this before I brought my car in they waved the inspection fee. During the inspection they provided me with a car to use, which I thought was amazing since the car was in for an hour. Although the waiting room is very nice I needed to get some work done at the time,so it was a good idea for me to have this loaner car. It was because of the way the girls in the office treated me that I came back for the second time to get the alignment done. The second time they also gave me a loaner car and fixed the alignment, which was in terrible shape. My car handles like a new car and I am thrilled with the service from these people. The whole team there (the front clerks, the mechanics, to the follow-up from the manager) was excellent. Great shop, great team. Thanks ladies, You made me feel confident in your team from the outset. I'm glad you represented so well :) Highly recommend!

Lucy Wallis Jan 1, 2024

Very speedy service and the quality of work was good too. Would recommend to anyone who needs a car serviced.

Ashwin Mehta Jan 1, 2024

Without doubt I would use your services next time.

jose pinto Jan 1, 2024

Very professional staff that really understands the importance of their job to keep our roads safe for everyone.

Aldo Veizi Jan 1, 2024

Great experience. Very professional and friendly. Very knowledgeable with Volvo work.great team of mechanics. Will definitely use auto station again. Thanks again 👍

Trent Mackenzie (Tmac) Jan 1, 2024

Great service from the front desk staff The work on my car is always done great by the mechanics followed up with check ins afterwards

Mei Francis Dec 12, 2023

Had a great experience with the team at The Auto Station! From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by the friendly staff, they were able to quickly trouble shoot the issue with my vehicle. Parts ordered, I was provided with a loner car. A great option, who does that anymore? The team is great, they follow up afterwards. I would recommend to all my friends & family with only one hesitation... my go to auto repair / maintenance shop might become too busy...

Shawn Paterson Dec 12, 2023

Great service with particular attention to details.

Charles Redden Dec 12, 2023

Very nice people, a feel good atmosphere, and with the experienced people's know how the business makes me feel comfortable with them servicing my vehicle.

James Fish Nov 11, 2023

Update: Just had my vehicle towed here last week and the Team at The Auto Station didn't hesitate to diagnose the issue right away even though I didn't have an appointment. Jeff was very welcoming when I made the call asking if I could tow my vehicle there. Montana called me right when they received the vehicle and got the process started right away. They thoroughly kept me informed of their progress, findings and suggested solutions through phone calls and reports (photos & video) I could access online. They don't do anything until you've confirmed with them. Montana was very helpful with looking into other options I was curious about and going that extra mile to get me the information. My car was ready the next morning and Serena explained all the work and charges. The parts even had warranty on them which I wasn't expecting so a nice surprise there. She also booked me in for my next regular service. The team followed up with me today to make sure there were no other issues... so far so good, but if anything else comes up, I'm definitely heading back to The Auto Station. Thanks guys! Had a great experience here yesterday. Right from the start, the appointment was super easy to book online, got a confirmation right away. Dropped my car off and they had me out in no time with a complimentary loaner. The team up front were friendly and welcoming. They told me the expected initial cost and explained their procedure to me. I was surprised and impressed when I received a text later in the day containing a link to the diagnostic report for my car with photos - great feature! It also contained the outline and estimate for repairs and I was able to agree or decline right from my phone - so easy! They confirmed my decision through text and gave me a time for when they'd be done and by late afternoon I had my car back. The customer service here is top notch and their mechanics are knowledgeable. They don't try to upsell and they don't do anything you don't ask for or agree upon. Will definitely be coming here again for my car repair needs and would highly recommend. Thanks Auto Station!

Judith Lam Mar 3, 2023

Great team! Always a great experience. Courteous, punctual, professional.

Lynne Black Nov 11, 2023

Great people, great service , fair prices.RM

Robert Macdonald Nov 11, 2023

Fast and reliable service

Abhinav Bhatnagar Nov 11, 2023

Excellent and professional service.

Ryan V Nov 11, 2023

Very nice people to deal with. They helped me out of a jam. They took time out to do a quick tire change to my spare tire for me, after I had to deal with a damaged tire. They didn't want to charge me for this service and simply wanted to help out to get me on my way. Very much appreciated!

Todd Dowd Nov 11, 2023

Excellent experience after my first visit. Work was done flawlessly and everything was explained to me. A hidden gem in Burlington for automotive work that you can count on at a fair price. Steve and his team are worth checking out for all your service needs! I have continued to use their shop for ongoing help in keeping my 2015 Chrysler Town & Country with over 237,000KM safe, roadworthy, and mechanically sound. A shop you can trust with fair prices!

Joe Durkacz Feb 2, 2022

I’m recommend The Auto Station for the very good service and quality. I'm have not appointment to change my tires and they acomódate myself to do it. So any service that needs my cars I will go to The Auto Station with out thought

Damian Oyarce Nov 11, 2023

I've been going here with my car for a few years now. They have great customer service.

nicholas “empty jug” blicharski Nov 11, 2023

Great service and excellent people. Highly recommend The Auto Station.

Hilton Wilson Nov 11, 2023

The best mechanics in Burlington! Great service.

Devin Walsh Nov 11, 2023

The service advisors are second to none. They explained the diagnostic process and reviewed each line item of the suggested service resolution. The work itself was completed quickly and our vehicle is back in good operating condition. I recommend The Auto Station to anyone requiring top notch service at competitive prices. (They also made a loaner vehicle available to minimize the disruption to our daily commuting routines) Bravo!

B Nov 11, 2023

Great work and customer service. Highly recommended!

Pradheesh Mohan Oct 10, 2023

Happy with the service we received.

Aaron Berquist Oct 10, 2023

I get Auto Station’s help for all my car needs ✌🏽☮️

T F Oct 10, 2023

Fast reliable service

Nick Adshead Oct 10, 2023

Very friendly, and quick...great job ..Front desk staff were great as well.

anthony bressette Oct 10, 2023

Amazing staff service is excellent I would highly recommend!

Steve Bedell Oct 10, 2023

To autologiQ teams and aotu Station thank you so much for the great job you guys do it for my Car with the new tires and taking care to make me happy and safe for the winter I appreciate you’re the best and top of the line

Atour Kako Sep 9, 2023

Professional and efficient service and pleasant staff. Use of their car while mine was in the shop is certainly a bonus.

Rob Stonehewer Sep 9, 2023

So far this was my 2nd visit to the shop and I have to say I'm very pleased with their service! The first visit was the reason why I came back to them because of the great service they offered the first time around. They were able to diagnose an ongoing issue where one of my front bearings kept wearing out so fast which my previous shop couldn't troubleshoot. The previous shop just kept buying new bearings every few months without figuring out and fixing the root cause which happened to be a combination of things (knuckle, CV axel) as Auto Station discovered and fixed. They even give you a detailed report of the findings and repair cost. Their price as someone else mentioned is not the cheapest out there but you get what you pay for especially when they even offer a free loaner vehicle which I can't think of many places that do. Highly reccomend you check them out! Friendly staff too.

Alex I Sep 9, 2023

Ordered and had installed four new tires on my Ford Fusion. Had an issue with tire rod which was fixed as well. Efficient service, reasonable price and work completed as scheduled. Shout out to Montana, who was on top of things and provided timely, professional and friendly customer service.

Chris Ryall May 5, 2023

Great place to bring a vehicle fast and friendly reception and service I personally would recommend this shop for family and friends

steven purdie Sep 9, 2023

Have been to auto station couple of times. Recently they replaced rear brakes, rotors and callipers which worn out within warranty (under 3yrs) without any cost to me. They were quick to give me an appointment and helping right away. They are bit higher on cost, however their staff Serena and others are prompt in responding and their auto technicians do good work. Thanks auto station team.

Kunwar Sandhu Sep 9, 2023
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