Alternator Repair in Burlington, ON

Automobile electrical systems are the critical link to the highly complex computerized engine control and operating systems in your car.  If your electrical system is not maintaining a stable voltage your car can suffer expensive damage.  These systems require highly skilled technicians to ensure proper function.

The electrical systems are responsible for much more that simply starting your engine, and running your electric components such as windshield wipers, radio, headlights, power windows, and engine fans. The Auto Station has fully trained technicians, advanced diagnostic tools and is pleased to offer top quality electrical systems inspections including alternator repair, battery replacement, as well as a variety of auto repair services in Burlington, ON at affordable prices!

Elements of Electrical Systems Burlington, ON Alternator Inspections

Why service is necessary: More often that not, a simple dead battery is not the only concern.  The standard service life of a car battery is approximately 5 years.  It is important to know that much larger problems can develop if your vehicle charging system is not properly maintained.  A dead battery may simply be a symptom of an urgent problem.

These possible issues can be pinpointed early and determined to be battery performance, cable or ground fault problems, or the current generating alternator itself. The modern vehicle is a highly computerized, high tech electrically controlled transportation platform.  The operating input for every computerized module on your car is controlled by system voltage.  An weakened charging system or a sulfated battery can result in greater and more expensive failing of your electrical system if left unattended.  And, improper alternator voltage regulation can easily damage a battery and/or short out computerized system controls resulting in expensive repair. You can trust our fully trained automotive technicians to see any indication of electrical trouble and address all worries before they lead to additional expense.

Your automobile's electrical system is made up of a complex connection of control circuits, a power generating alternator, and a battery to store and disperse power when it's needed. The electrical power storage system is vital for starting the engine in addition to providing stable power to specific safety components like radar sensors, ADAS (advanced driver assist systems) headlights and onboard diagnostic systems. All electrical system routine maintenance and service is done by our in house technicians.

In the course of a battery assessment our mechanics check:

  • Total vehicle battery, terminal, and case condition including CCA, and load test
  • Cable connections, leads, and terminals
  • Hold-down hardware

Examining the starter means:

  • Inspecting cable connections
  • Examining mounting bolts and brackets, 

A Starter Electric "Draw" Test, to examine the amount of electrical energy needed to turn the engine over the engine over. Examining the alternator/starter motor includes:

  • Conducting a general aesthetic examination for condition
  • Oscilloscope examination of wave pattern, current draw, armature condition, etc.
  • Examining the positioning brackets, drive belts, pinion gears, etc.
  • Examining relative engine compression test results
  • A Charging System Examination to make sure that the alternator amperage and voltage are to manufacturer's requirements 

The Auto Station Alternator Repair in Burlington, ON

Our technicians are happy to respond to all of your electrical system concerns. Call right away or visit The Auto Station to arrange your next electrical system or alternator inspection or other auto repair service in Burlington, ON.