auto Glass in Burlington, ON

Automotive Glass Repairs in Burlington, ON from The Auto Station

The Auto Station provides car windshield replacement services on all makes and models of vehicles.  We offer OEM quality installation at neighbourhood pricing.

Who can replace your windshield or other car glass? 

It probably sounds like a quick Google search would find the right shop for you.  But the reality is that not all auto glass windshield installations are created equal.  The windshield often houses critical sensors that must be properly calibrated to perform accurately.  From rain detection, lane departure, adaptive cruise control, park assist, emergency brake assist, and many other advanced driver assistance systems are often mounted in or behind the windscreen – proper installation must be completed by qualified technicians.

Why is proper windshield replacement important?

The Advanced Drives Assistance Systems of today’s vehicles depend on radar sensor arrays that can calculate distances to surrounding objects.  These light-based systems are often located behind sections of the windscreen that are polished to lens quality finishes.  The installation and fitment of the glass and sensors are critical to optimal performance.  Calibration methods can require sophisticated tools, computer software, and specific reference targeting equipment.  The method behind what often appears to be a simple swap of a sheet of glass is training, equipment, and experience.  

The Auto Station’s continuous training assures that your vehicle systems are properly serviced with your windshield replacement.  All sensors and related software systems are fully supported by our trained staff to ensure your vehicle runs exactly as it should.  We have the latest computerized support systems in place to service your vehicle properly.  We not only repair your windshield, but we also help your auto-driving car stay between the lines.