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One of the best advantages an Independent Auto Repair shop has to offer the vehicle owner is the ability to access a full selection of automobile parts. Your local mechanic is not limited to a any specific supply chain and is free to use nothing but the best parts. It's an advantage that has auto manufacturers and dealerships drooling.  Problem solving parts, lower cost part options, and OE manufactured parts are all options when your independent auto repair expert manages your vehicle maintenance.  As your trusted mechanic we scour the part options to find the exact part that meets or exceeds your preferences on budget, quality, and warranty coverage.

What are the aftermarket parts?

It a common misconception that your Ford F-150 was built at the factory using nothing but exclusive Ford parts.  Okay, the frame and the engine are probably assembled there but that’s about it.  Car companies don’t make things like shocks, tire rods, thermostats, alternators, or signal lights.  Even big-ticket parts like transmissions, drive-lines, and axles are subcontracted out to other firms.  The modern assembly plant builds cars from a chain of supplier parts.

Aftermarket parts are most often parts that are bought directly from the firms that originally made them.  The supply chain is direct and usually results in a much lower cost. Same part – much better price.

The Truth About OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts

OEM parts and aftermarket auto parts are usually identical parts with different labels or branding.  It’s exactly like iPhones being made of Samsung parts. Regardless of a high-tech preference, it’s not Apple or Samsung – it's Apple and Samsung.  And regardless of preference, it’s not GM, Toyota, BMW, and Audi vs the aftermarket, its original equipment in the aftermarket.  And, as all companies benefit from the reduced cost of product sharing - we believe you as the vehicle owner should too.

Are Aftermarket Parts Different?

One example would be the shocks on a Chevy pickup truck.  The Z71 off-road package Silverado is one monster truck with a suspension package that can get the owner as far from it all as one can get. One peek at that OEM suspension and you’ll notice shocks that are branded Rancho.  When replacement shocks are installed at The Auto Station, you’ll notice the label, Monroe.  Both are companies are owned by Tenneco and the shocks in both cases are identical.  OEM and Aftermarket are the same part, made in the same factory, and the replacement is backed by a lifetime warranty.   A clear advantage that we offer.

Why Are Aftermarket And OEM Parts The Same?

When a car is in production, it’s common practice in the industry for parts makers to bump the production volume and supply the Aftermarket with those exact parts.  It's a bonus sales volume to the parts makers, added supply to the Aftermarket industry, and cost savings that can be passed on by the free market.  You as the consumer benefit from the same part at a lower cost.

Aftermarket Parts – The Short Story

An aftermarket part is any part that is not purchased from the vehicle manufacturer.  It is important to know the quality of supply.  We do use OEM parts in some cases if the need demands.  Yes, there are examples when the brand only parts meet the need.  And, yes there are some cheesy parts out in the aftermarket.  A good mechanic can easily tell the difference and select the best.

The industry expression that “you get what you pay for” rings true in considering cheap second and third line quality imported knock-off parts. The preference is to not pay more than necessary for quality. Our professional service advisors can help you make the best choice for you and your vehicle.