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You’ve been driving your car for some time and have suddenly noticed something is not as it should be. A clunk from the transmission, a screech from a worn belt, or a ticking sound from the engine can unnerve even the most experienced car owner. If you suspect something is wrong with your car a quick visit to an auto repair shop could prevent a ton of more expensive problems from happening.

We are asked many questions; What is that strange sound coming from under my hood? Why is my engine light on? Why isn't my car a/c blowing cold enough air? The best place to head for an answer to those questions is your trusted Burlington mechanic - The Auto Station.

Auto Repair Burlington, ON | The Auto Station

What does an Auto Repair or a Car Repair shop do?

A good automotive technician gets your car back in to good operating condition. When your car has a performance issue, won’t start, or has a strange noise the best place to take your car is to an auto repair shop. The Auto Station has skilled mechanics that will diagnose and restore your car to perfect working condition.

When is Auto Repair Needed?

Auto repair and service needs are changing with every new generation of the vehicle. Modern vehicles have precise engine management systems, Advanced Driver Assist Systems, complex emission control systems, that only a skilled mechanic using computerized equipment can access. These systems do require service on occasion from a trained and skilled mechanic.

We do see cars because the auto park assist is not working, seat cooling system malfunction, electrical glitches, the car won’t start, car shakes on the highway, sunroof or windows not working, and a whole host of other performance concerns.

In addition, the standard wearing components of brakes, suspension, heating, auto a/c, steering, seat positioning systems, shocks, oil changes and many, many other needs can be repaired most economically if dealt with at once. Many expensive repairs occur when a minor condition is left unaddressed and allowed to worsen. When in doubt, a visit to The Auto Station can prevent a need for roadside assistance, ensure your safety, and reduce cost.

Our full line up of courtesy loaner vehicles gets you back to your busy day at ensuring your stop is completely convenient. Our inspection and diagnostic procedure include taking pictures, video capture of our technician’s findings, and sending an email or text with a full report directly to you to start a conversation. Once our technicians have a complete picture of what repair is needed, we provide a full estimate of any needed service for your consideration. On your instruction, we make only the repair you authorize. We promise your complete satisfaction and no surprises.

What is the Best Mechanic in Burlington approach?

Prioritizing the auto repair needs of any vehicle is what a good mechanic does best. Yes, safety can never be compromised but the practical expectation of any repair strategy can vary depending on the service requirements of the vehicle and budgeted accordingly.

Servicing personal transportation vehicles of Burlington residents and commuters requires a custom-tailored approach. We consider the needs and expectations of the vehicle owner as of the primary concern. We start with a conversation.

The Auto Station promotes our practical auto repair as the foundation of our “Best Car Repair in Burlington” approach. That is a simple as recognizing that many multiple car families may have different maintenance strategies for each of their cars. One for the primary vehicle that transports the family to community events, across the province for business and recreation, where reliability and comfort are critical. A separate strategy is also envisioned for the vehicle that simply runs back and forth six blocks or less to the GO station. We can understand the owner’s range in expectation on cost and performance.

Our offering on the extended warranty of 3 years for both parts and labour on every repair we offer can often be the difference is containing vehicle operation cost. Our practical repair strategy what we call the “Best Auto Repair Burlington offers”.

We offer auto repair service in Burlington, ON. Contact us today!