Tune Up in Burlington, ON

Tune-ups can extend the life of your vehicle by replacing engine parts that are vulnerable to deterioration over time/temperature/usage. The majority of automobiles need to have tune ups every 30,000 - 50,000 kilometers or every couple of years. The Auto Station offers quality inexpensive tune ups, as well as other auto repair services that can make your car last longer and keep your repair costs down.  We regularly see our customers cars attain 500,000 km of useful service by following a basic maintenance and tune-up plan. We're very proud of that.

What they do: Normal tune-ups may protect against future engine complications by recognizing and replacing worn out parts or cleaning dirty systems. Keeping a regular tune-up timetable will help your vehicle last much longer, promote higher gasoline mileage, and boost efficiency and performance.

Why service is very important: Many vehicles have parts that are known to wear down over time. Some have sludge build up conditions that occur in normal usage that must be addressed before expensive stuff results.  This is particularly true for high performance engines that rely on GDI, and/or turbo charged engine boost systems. 

These parts are scheduled for maintenance during specific manufacture benchmarks, approximately every 50,000 kilometers. While these components may last longer than the suggested time frame it is wise to have them looked at on a regular basis to promote long service life for the car itself. If some these critical engine components are not inspected on a consistent basis or best mechanic practices are not embraced - expensive problems generally result.

Routine Automotive Tune Ups extends the Life of Your Car

If your automobile is having problems such as:

  • Poor fuel mileage
  • Slower efficiency
  • Engine sounds appears: knocks, or pings
  • Minor electrical issues
  • Ventilation concerns

A complete tune-up done by a knowledgeable specialist consists of:

  • Inspecting fuel line filters and replace or clean as necessary
  • Inspecting air filter and replace if necessary
  • Refitting new spark plugs and replacing any type of worn ignition system component
  • Inspect for varnish or carbon build up in air intake system - and rework as required
  • Inspecting fuel pump, cooling system function
  • Computer program update to ensure program fixes are latest edition 
  • Inspection and topping off all fluids
  • Switching out Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve, if restricted

The Auto Station offers quality Automotive Tune Ups

Preventative maintenance is the key variable in making your car last longer.  We believe taht every $1 dollar spent on maintenance and tune-ups saves $21 - 28 dollars in unnecessary repair down the road.  Schedule an appointment for a tune up today at The Auto Station to stop usual car issues and extend the life of your car! Call The Auto Station today to book your next Tune Up auto repair service. The Auto Station is proud to be your number one auto repair center and provider of tires.