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All Weather Tires

All Weather Tires

What`s up with the new All Weather Tires? Will they work in Canada? The idea of “all weather” tires instantly provokes suspicion in many hockey player families across Canada. Is it possible to get your budding Bobby Orr to the rink in small town Ontario in January and get to your tee time in Muskoka on the same rubber? The suspicion of course, is rooted in what has been traditionally marketed by the tire industry as an “all season” tire until now. These tires although relatively effective in most conditions between April and November, have long been considered as ditch digging and clearing devices by most tow truck retrieval drivers in the colder Canadian climes of January. There is little question that All Weather tires are a compromise. There is a trade off between summer performance and winter tire traction. There’s a trade off between summer quiet and a chunky winter snow clearing tread bite. And, there is a balance to be found between the lowe ... read more