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Tire pressure drops with temperature

Tire inflation pressure and temperature Tires must be properly inflated to achieve maximum handling, traction, and durability as designed by the tire manufacturer. It is the air pressure that supports the weight of your vehicle, not the tire itself. Tire pressure should be monitored frequently for safe driving and optimal tire performance. Tire pressure can change with fluctuations in temperature. So, how should you correctly monitor tire pressure as the outside temperature changes? First, it's important to remember that gas expands when heated and contracts when the temperature declines. In Canada, the daily temperatures rise and fall between day and night, as well as seasonally. As the days get shorter and colder during fall and winter, it's especially important to check your tire pressure. Second, it's important to know that the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle (as specified in the owner's manual and the tire placard for the vehicle) are both based on ... read more