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Keep your car bottom clean

Rusting Away? Our cars are exposed to numerous dangers; theft, crash, abuse, improper maintenance and the like, but an equally dangerous but more insidious risk is simple rust. Virtually every vehicle is going to have some rust on it somewhere, sometime. The combination of complex sheet metal work, with lots of hidden nooks and crannies, has led to the construction of some vehicles that are notorious "rust buckets". Many manufacturers have taken steps to slow rusting, but most of their rust control systems have failed or proved inadequate. So the problem remains: How does the typical car owner control rust? There are three main areas of a car's structure that can suffer potential damage. The areas of concern are: 1. Engine and Trunk Compartments Corrosion and rust can cause leaks in the air intake systems, reducing their capacity. Connectors, both mechanical and electrical, can be very problematic, because these kinds of failures may be intermittent and difficult to dia ... read more