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Symptoms of a leaking gas Cap

Leaky Gas Cap? The check engine light often leaves the driver wondering if the vehicle will be reliable enough to get either to a service garage or back home . Often the reason the light is on is to provide a simple warning to inspect a system for condition. In fact the most often reason this light illuminates is simply an improper seal of the fuel cap. The gas cap is a simple but vital component that is found on virtually every car and truck on the road. The purpose is to provide a removable seal that prevents dirt, debris, and road dust for entering the gas line system. This cap also part of the the vehicle's evaporative emission control system. As fuel vapour in the gas tank evaporates the "evap" system is designed and to hold captive and use these fumes in combustion. As this cap is frequently removed to permit fueling, the seal can wear out over time and will present a few symptoms that can alert the driver to the potential issue. 1) Check Engine Ligh ... read more