How to jump start your car

The dreaded dead battery doesn't always have to result in a call for road side assistance if you're prepared and follow a few simple steps. Properly applied booster cables can save the day and return a stranded motorist back to the roadway in short order.

One consideration is that modern vehicles are very sensitive to voltage variation and improper battery boosting can result in expensive computer module damage. When in doubt, double check - the simple rule is red to red terminals and black to ground.

This video will show you the correct way to boost a vehicle with out damage to either the vehicle with the dead battery or the boosting vehicle. A good set of high quality jumper cables can save the inconvenience that results from a light left on, lenghty radio play while the engine is turned off, or similar battery draw. Many of the newer cars draw a fair amount of power to cycle through many parameter checks and will draw done the battery in the course of as little as a couple of weeks.

As always, check your vehicle's owners manual before attempting if any uncertainty exists.