Which side is the gas tank on?

Have you ever wondered what side of the car the gas tank is on?

Perhaps you've grabbed a rental, a loaner or a friends car and you'd like to add some fuel out of courtesy. More often than not, most of us have jumped out of the car and run around to the pump only to find that the gas tank is on the wrong side.

It's a simple check that you can do right on the dash of the car to avoid that inconvenience. On of the best kept secrets on the dash board is the fuel tank configuration.

Generally, there is an icon of a gas pump right at the bottom centre of the fuel gauge. This icon will have an arrow or a hose filler assembly on one side or the other. The gas tank on the vehicle will be on the side indicated by the icon.

This simple tip can often avoid the need to reposition the vehicle around the refueling station and it will help get you back on your way with the least amount of inconvenience or fuss. It's certainly a very practical tip in inclement weather.

Now, parents everywhere can help those kids find the gas tank with the greatest of ease.


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