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Manual transmission Clutches in Burlington, ON

If you are still driving a car with a manual transmission – congratulations. You are officially one of the few. This transmission system is far from being the “standard” install at the factory. In fact, most car manufacturers have longed stopped offering a manual or standard transmission at all. However, many classic and vintage cars do rely upon this technology and many car enthusiasts continue to enjoy a manual shift through the gears. Until a problem occurs.

Vehicle with a manual transmission will have a friction clutch between the engine and the transmission gear box that permit the driver to disengage the transmission to permit a gear ratio change. Clutches are constructed of hard, abrasion resistant materials but do need periodic service and replacement.

What are the symptoms of a worn clutch?

Usually wear in the clutch will appear as a slipping as power is applied. The engine speed will increase or rev up greatly as you try to accelerate – even though the clutch pedal is not depressed. Normally, a healthy clutch will lock the engine to the transmission almost immediately, so speed is directly linked as the vehicle engine RPM increases.

How do I know if the clutch is at fault?

If the vehicle has a hydraulically operated clutch it is possible that air may have entered the system. A full bleed of the hydraulic system will confirm the clutch status.

If the vehicle utilizes a cable operated clutch system it is possible that the problem is a seized or jammed cable that is preventing the clutch from fully disengaging. A proper inspection can confirm the need for a clutch service.

Where can I get my clutch repaired?

A clutch replacement or a clutch rebuild is an involved job that requires the removal of the transmission to access the clutch. Our clutch and transmission experts at The Auto Station can assess your vehicle and recommend the appropriate repair strategy to keep your vehicle safe, reliable, and dependable.

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