Computer Diagnostic in Burlington, ON

What is meant by the term computer diagnostics for a car?  All modern vehicle operating systems are controlled by a computerized module that receives input from a variety of sensors, then calculates an output based on preset parameters, and in many cases then controls system operation through a series of connected actuators. 

Engine management for air to fuel ratios or timing control are all digitally controlled.  As is transmission shift, anti lock braking systems, collision avoidance systems, advance driver assistance, curb side parking, suspension air ride control, etc.  Any malfunction or poor operation of these systems require complex and specific computer access to accurately diagnose and in some cases, an adjustment to permit proper function.

This effort is not limited to a simplistic plugging in of an over the retail counter code reader. In many cases, system testing includes software trouble shooting, reprogramming, wire harness ground fault testing, oscilloscope wave form pattern analysis on pumps, motors, sensors, etc. as well as standard electrical conductivity confirmation on individual circuits.  

This time and the cost of this type of diagnosis is absolutely related to the efficiency of the process and the amount of time required by the technician to determine fault, diagnose cause, and prepare a remedy.  The Auto Station has highly skilled technicians utilizing the most sophisticated tools and hardware in the industry and that level of expertise positions us to offer the most competitive pricing on complex computer analysis in the Burlington area.   

The Auto Station is Burlington's best auto repair shop.  We offer the best of computer diagnostic service in Burlington, ON. Contact us today!