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Writing letters has become a romanticized idea in literature, an idea that we often view as a bygone. After all, it`s certainly become easier to make direct contact and convey the same essence of contact with today`s technology. Why send a letter which will arrive days later in the mail when you can send a text in seconds? Better than that is the speed, the broad appeal, and the emotion carried by an online review. We think the idea of letters of any sort may have stuck around because of how they uniquely express feelings.

Written letters are interesting and complex, Texts are direct and often reflect urgency, and online reviews are meant to be shared and encouraging of the experience one way or the other. All strike to the core of our drive to be the best auto repair shop in Burlington, and we often see milestones to our progress in customer contact.

While writing a letter, sending a Text, or posting review may not exactly be acts of service, the idea is the same. You are going out of your way to let us know you have considered our effort and wish to share your opinion. In the same way writing a thank you card is considered more meaningful than just verbally expressing appreciation, contacting us takes time.

Each letter, text, or online review is a little gift of time, thought and effort. We certainly appreciate the thought and it serves to assure us of that our drive to offer more than the expected is recognized.