Cooling System Flush and Repair in Burlington, ON

Coolant Flush & Cooling System Service in Burlington, ON

Staying up to date with your automobile's cooling system maintenance schedule is something that is easy to forget until something happens.  Usually, it's something that could have been avoided with a very cost effect service.

Our staff of licensed mechanics specialize in both preventative maintenance and auto repair in Burlington, ON . Our service advisors and technicians know ways to keep your car in proper working order the old fashioned way - by offering regular maintenance that keep problems from happening. An ounce of prevention saves some huge costs. 

We’ve all seen a car at the side of the road in high heat of summer with billows of steam piling high in the air. The reason is the vehicle has been overheated. The cause is often as simple as a forgotten coolant fluid service. The result is not just the major cost incurred, but the total inconvenience of needing roadside assistance, delay in arriving at destination, and the stress of being stranded.

Cooling Systems disperse heat and manage high temperature zones to assist all additional engine components to work effectively. Inside your internal combustion engine, spark plugs ignite the gas within the engine cylinders to generate small explosions that drive the propulsion system that move your automobile down the road. These small explosions generate heat due to the burning of fuel.  These temperatures, if not properly dispersed could damage your engine.

With most cooling systems, a liquid coolant is circulated by means of a pump and passages in the engine.  The coolant warms as it takes in the heat given off by the engine.  The coolant circulation system continues to distribute the warmed coolant through tubing and hoses to a radiator that dumps the heat to atmosphere. There are many vital parts that enter a cooling system, and we can check all of them.


Car running hot? Car won’t warm up? Your cooling system may be letting you down.

Signs your car needs a coolant flush include:

  • temperature gauge fluctuates between normal and hot
  • Coolant overflowing and pooling under vehicle
  • Grinding or noisy sounds coming from the engine area
  • Visible rust or scale in the overflow reservoir
  • Steam and/or hot sticky sweet smell coming from under the hood

Why do I need a coolant flush?

Modern engines and cooling systems often use a lot of reactive metals like aluminum, iron, and magnesium. Any water based coolant will react with these metals over time. The coolant manufacturer adds sophisticated additive packages to their mixtures that are engineered to inhibit rust and maintain lubricity.  These additives also break down over the time and as the ph of the coolant slowly acidifies. The effect of an acidic coolant fluid is premature failure of cooling system components such as seals, head -gasket, water pump, thermostat, radiator, hoses, etc.

A cooling system flush stops this process and protects your engine and cooling system. The process includes a cleaner solution that scours surfaces of sludge, sediment, and rust. We then flush the system thoroughly and a new conditioner is added to protect the cleaned system surfaces.

And, our coolant flush package includes our $4,000-lifetime limited warranty because we know clean coolant systems don’t breakdown. If it does – we pay for the repair.

How often do I need to flush my coolant?

Clean coolant is the key concern, but your owner’s manual should provide a guide. Our best practice includes changing the coolant before 100,000 km and every 50,000 km from there. If we maintain your vehicle’s coolant system accordingly and something goes wrong with your cooling system– we pay for the repair. That’s what we call a good reason to flush your coolant!

Burlington, ON Automotive Cooling System Upkeep & Maintenance

Throughout cooling system upkeep your technician will certainly check:

  • Hoses and belts for indicators of holes or cracks
  • Your fluid level and condition
  • Signs of deterioration and rust
  • Deposit or fluids that could show signs of damages or leaks
  • If all components, fans, and the thermostat are functioning correctly

When driving in extremely cold temperatures, you will certainly should see to it you have appropriate levels of antifreeze in your car to stay clear of freezing your liquid coolants and other fluids in your engine.

Eventually, your automobile's cooling system will develop scale deposits that restrict coolant circulation and will require your cooling system to be flushed. Having a correctly educated specialist carry out normal examinations will guarantee your car remains effectively cooled and working for many years to come. To keep your car cooling system in proper working order it is important to remember the following:

  • Disregarding your cooling system could result in major damage as well as complete engine failure
  • Your antifreeze and coolant system must be flushed every 30,000 to 50,000 kilometers or every 2 years
  • Your coolant levels should be inspected during every oil change

The Auto Station Offers quality Auto Cooling System Repair in Burlington, ON

With a lot of cooling systems, a liquid coolant is delivered with passages in the engine and takes in the heat given off by the engine. When it relocates down the rubber tubes, it is cooled down by the air coming by means of the vehicle's grill. There are many vital parts that go into a cooling system, and our mechanics can easily inspect all of them.

Make your next cooling system repair with our company, your vehicle will be serviced by one of our certified mechanics! Book your next visit with The Auto Station for your next cooling system replacement. The Auto Station is proud to be your number one auto repair shop and provider of tires in Burlington, ON.