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The Key To Maintaining Your Car Resale Value is to keep it shining

The Auto Station promotes regular car washes and a yearly detailing as one of the best preventative maintenance services your car can benefit from. Vehicles that are kept clean and free of oxidation, rust, and grime last longer, maintain a higher resale value, and are more fun to drive.

What is vehicle detailing?

By detailing, we mean getting to the details that most people would overlook when it comes to washing a car. Simple items like getting the dust out of the stitching on leather seats to getting the pet fur off the rear hatch carpeting – we get down and dirty and to get the gritty crud to come up.

How often should I wash my car?

Our answer – at least monthly. Weekly is better.

And, we back-up our beliefs by providing a full hand wash every time you bring your vehicle in for service. The engine is power washed and kept free of road dust and debris and any build of oil and grime is prevented. We guarantee that you’ll look better in your car when it’s clean.

We always recommend an annual pre-summer clean of the interior dash, seats, and paneling with high-end professional-grade moisturizing products that offer some UV protection to help prevent the summer sun from blistering, peeling, or fading any of your vehicles interior trim and accessories.

A little attention to care and cleanliness will translate to increasing the resale value of your car. We describe the car wash process as the single highest pay off activity to protect the value of your vehicle.  Simply, cars that are in great shape are worth more.

We’re happy to discuss how to best maintain your vehicle’s appearance and value at your first visit. Simply call for your oil change or other service and we’ll schedule your car in for it’s first wash at The Auto Station. Our detailing experts will be happy to make further recommendations from there.

The Auto Station is your #1 destination for premium vehicle detailing services in Burlington, ON. Contact us today!