Driveline Repair in Burlington, ON

Auto Driveline or Drivetrain Repair in Burlington, ON

The term “drive-train” or car “driveline” is something you’ll hear from an automotive technician when describing the Propulsion system of a car.

It is simply the series of car components separate from the engine and transmission that drive your wheels. It is made up from the driveshaft, axles, wheels, differentials, centre bearings, cv joints, wheel bearings, and universal joints.

These components work together to permit motion of a car. Driveline repairs can become necessary with physical or structural damage, wear and tear, rust and corrosion, and breakdown. The driveline of your vehicle takes the power generated by the engine and transforms it into the rotation of the tires, providing the velocity of your vehicle utilizing torque. Driveline weathering occurs over time, and to avoid extra repairs, any type of driveline worries ought to be evaluated when possible.

What are the Symptoms of Driveline Problems?

Driveline problems can be difficult to determine. Generally, if you can “feel” a disturbance in the seat of the vehicle – that’s a good indication the problem is coming from under the car. In this case, the car driveline is a prime suspect:

Intense Vibration from under the car

  • If you feel a vibration when moving – particularly if associated with a multiple of speed such as 40 kph, 80kph, 120kph it is likely a universal joint. This vibration can cause secondary problems and will need to be addressed to prevent further damage to the car that can lead to greater expense.

Abnormal Noises

  • Any rattling, clunking, scraping, or possible squeaking sounds can also be a sign of a failing U-Joint.
  • Any clicking or knocking sound can indicated a faulty CV joint.

Turning Problems

  • Steering problems can be another sign of a failing driveline. Problems with the drive can prevent a full range of motion in the steering linkage. Immediate attention is needed.

Shuddering During Acceleration

  • A significant shudder when acceleration can be another sign of a failing driveshaft components. A loose U-joint or bad center bearing may be the cause.

Who can service the driveline in my car?

If you notice any of the driveline symptoms above, you should bring your car to a qualified service technician for an inspection. The Auto Station has qualified technicians that can inspect your vehicle and offer advice on how to keep your vehicle safe and reliable. Drivelines should be evaluated at the initial sign of a problem.

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Driveline Maintenance and Service in Burlington, ON

Vibration while driving can be a result of driveline vibration, or the interruption in the operating angles of your driveline, however it can likewise suggest troubles with an out of balance or under-inflated tire. At the first indicator of a problem or vibrations, have your tires and drivelines looked at.

Always have your tires and drivelines examined if you observe the following issues.

  • Turning issues particularly when making tight turns, U-turns, or auto parking
  • A Low squeaking sound that worsens with deceleration
  • Vibrations that increase with rate and vibrations that take place when the automobile is moving whatsoever, or idling

Below are some ideas for preserving your driveline:

  • Watch and preserve the appropriate degree of engine fluids
  • Avoid harsh use of your driveline such as pulling too heavy of a lots
  • Ask a professional to check your CV and universal joints for lack of lubricant or too much motion
  • Delivering your car in for an examination drive to inspect for any noises or vibration occurring in the course of acceleration that could possibly suggest a joint trouble
  • We may also carry out tire checks, tire balancing, and tire rotation, to provide the most effective driving experience!

The Auto Station offers quality Driveline Maintenance in Burlington, ON

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