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What would you ask from one of the first tire companies in the world? Expect more.

Firestone History has always been about the road ahead

It started with a horse race.

When Harvey Firestone took his old buggy with new fangled rubber-tires to the track one day in early 1890's, he won. He rolled to victory and won big time. Not only did he give the world a glimpse of the superior performance of rubber tires for the first time, he became a world leader and innovator. And, that's exactly what Firestone has been doing for more than 125 years since.

Firestone Invents the Wheel

It's been said that Harvey Firestone reinvented the wheel. It is said because when he started the Firestone Tire Company, he changed the way we drive. In front of everything Firestone did, was a commitment to staying out front of that next curve. Out front, from the invention of tubeless tires to a racing pedigree second to none. Today, his pioneering spirit can still be found within Firestone's strong culture of innovation.

The Firestone Tire Company was founded on a determination to offer the quality and service it takes to win the race – wherever and whatever race that may be. That determination is how we made the non-skid tread pattern and industry standard – in 1909. It's that determination that helped drivers win the Indianapolis 500 more than 60 times and counting. And, it's why we're still a household name 125 years and generations after that historic horse race.

A long and winding road ahead

But make no mistake – the Firestone Tire Company still has plenty of roads ahead. And, we're looking forward to writing history for a long time coming.