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If you’re an owner of a small business - you know the challenge of controlling transportation costs. Our vehicle maintenance expertise at the Auto Station can help you save dollars and improve your bottom line.

Our service advisors will work with you and your team to really get operational costs under control and help manage your fleet. Our practices are simple and effective. Our maintenance strategies maximize up time and reduce expense.

Why is preventative maintenance important?

Keeping your vehicles properly maintained vehicles is absolutely the best way to minimize unscheduled repairs and downtime. Our maintenance efforts rely heavily on servicing all fluids, timely rotation of tires, and regular inspection of all wearable items on a time and mileage basis.

All our fluid services include - at no extra charge - an extended product warranty valid for the lifetime of the vehicle. We believe that every $1 spent on maintenance will save up to $20 on unnecessary repairs.

In the unlikely event that an untimely failure occurs in a vehicle operating system that we have serviced - our warranty strategy often covers the repair expense. That’s our real advantage.

What is the real cost of vehicle ownership?

Our service advisors always help keep an eye on your maintenance costs. It is normal for maintenance costs to rise as vehicle ages but understanding the residual value of the transportation asset, opportunity in the used vehicle market, and effective capital costs can help determine the optimal decisions in fleet vehicle cost control.

Our goal is to simply to help keep your total fleet operations costs in line with your expectations.

How to choose your fleet vehicles wisely – spec to purpose

It is important to be aware of the service demand each vehicle in your fleet will face. We take the time to analyze the operational pattern of your fleet’s individual vehicle service needs and help provide guidance on maintenance cost reduction opportunities. Lightweight vehicles can increase your maintenance expenses if the workload exceeds the capability. Similarly, scheduling an overrated vehicle to perform light service activities can be a needless expense.

Communication directly with drivers can help save cost.

As the drivers of the vehicles are best aware of all performance issues with your vehicle we strongly suggest direct communication. These folks should have a complete understanding of your company maintenance schedule, maintenance priorities, and know what to do if the vehicle needs service or is involved in a fender bender. Our service advisors are happy to establish a connection directly or indirectly as you prefer.

Check tire pressure regularly

Perhaps the single most important inspection point on any car is tire pressure. This often-forgotten aspect of vehicle maintenance affects vehicle handling, tire wear, and fuel efficiency. Most importantly, properly set tire pressure contributes to vehicle and driver safety.

As seasons change, so does outside temperature and tire pressures are affected. Educated and safety aware drivers can be your best advocate.

Embrace a partnership with your fleet maintenance provider.

A strong maintenance provider is your best ally when you find difficulty with a vehicle in your fleet. If you have a vehicle that is realizing a performance setback our service advisors will work with your team to offer solutions, expedite repairs, and ensure your satisfaction. Our folks understand that customer satisfaction at the root of any fleet management.

Our fleet specialists can tailor a maintenance and service program that will meet or exceed your expectations. Fast, friendly, and dependable service makes The Auto Station your best choice for automotive fleet management in Burlington.

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