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How to remedy diesel fuel added to gas tank

Adding a little diesel fuel to a gas engine can lead to…

Time at the gas pump can be somewhat distracting. Often folks are scrambling to get from here to there and the rush to refuel can lead to less than full attention to the task at hand. In other cases, a simple error can lead to the wrong fuel being added to the tank of the vehicle.

If the error is caught before the vehicle is started the necessary efforts can be minimised. It is therefore critical that the vehicle not be started or attempted to start if there has been a mix up between gas and diesel fuel.

If possible, having an immediate inspection completed and fast and effective elimination of the wrong fuel from the system can often save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on repairing this potentially expensive miss fuel.

In this example, a gasoline powered 2013 Hyundai Sante Fe was inadvertently fueled with diesel fuel. The mistake went unnoticed until the vehicle sputtered to a stop several hundred yards from the refuelling station. The vehicle was towed in, the tank was evacuated, spark plugs changed, and the vehicle struggled to full function for a few hundred dollars. Had this situation been reversed and gasoline was added to a diesel powered engine major engine damage could have resulted.

Best advise, take time and care when refuelling vehicles.

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