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More rare than one of the big old Hummers the we see on the road from time to time is an auto repair shop that can effectively maintain this vehicle. This big old sub-urban assault vehicle requires skilled and able technicians to keep your car on the road with out breaking your bank. The Auto Station is the best Hummer repair shop Brant hills has to offer owners.

A hands-on service strategy to keep your Hummer humming is the only way that this vehicle can be maintained effectively. New part swapping technicians are of no use in servicing this classic. Your biggest challenge other than finding a suitable sized underground parking space is finding the right mechanic that can keep this beast purring like a kitten. That was until you found The Auto Station in Brant hills.

Simply, The Auto Station is home to the best Hummer vehicle repair and maintenance shop in Brant hills. Our skilled and fully licensed technicians pride themselves on the quality of repair they offer on these behemoths. We make your Hummer last longer.

Each Hummer is as unique as it’s owner. Both the vehicle and the owner of this unique machine needs specialized care. For those that stick to the city roads, we offer routine service and maintenance. We can keep your Hummer rolling down major highways for years to come. For those that love off road challenges, we can service and rebuild the suspension systems in this platform as required. Whether you drive an H1, H2, H3 we are fully qualified to meet all your car maintenance needs. From major repairs to regular maintenance we do it all.

Our team of certified technicians are always happy to answer any of your questions.  And, we are more than happy to help with your DIY projects as well. Call now to get yourself and your Hummer the service you deserve!

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