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I can see clearly now

The salty season is still upon us. With the recent use of brine and beet juice by the MTO to advance winter road maintenance efforts we have a new problem – how to get it off the windshield. This stuff has been known to create all kinds of blurred streaky windows that can impair driver visibility and compromise safety.

Yes, the sticky slime that gets sprayed up on our windshields these days is harder to clear than the slushy stuff of old. This presents challenges to wiper systems, and puts washer fluid to a new test. Lest we lose sight of the horizon. Or the on coming traffic for that matter.

The use of water displacement products applied directly on the windshield can have a dramatic effect on the wiper system effectiveness. Silicone based products that bond to the glass have been proven to offer great relief from stubborn streaky sleet that otherwise can blind us.

The application of most modern products is simply wipe on with a wet cloth, let dry, then buff to a transparent film that coats the glass with a vision promoting clarity.

Take a peek at our video or talk to one of our service advisors to learn more about the benefits of these terrific glass treatment products.

Sticky windshield

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