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You’ve got a taste for luxury that spills over to your Infiniti. Your vehicle is a wonderful and luxurious investment, and we want to help you keep it that way! The premium reward built into your vehicle does not mean your auto repair and maintenance costs have to be full-figured checks.

The Auto Station is home to the best Infiniti auto repair Dynes offers. We believe a well-maintained vehicle runs better, lasts longer, and has a higher resale value. We do more than believe that – we make that happen every day.

We regularly service Infiniti vehicles with more than 400,000 kilometers of operation. Now that extends the real value and lowers the total cost of transportation.

Our team of professional and experienced automotive technicians participate in regular and ongoing training in emerging Infiniti Adaptive Driver Assistance Systems, Infiniti engine management, ride control, and all engineering developments. Our folks focus on the creature comforts offered by Infiniti and not just drive train. We keep those seat heaters, seat coolers, back up cameras, emergency braking systems, bluetooth, and other features working like new. We keep your love for your Infiniti as real as the day you met your car! And we do all that at a reasonable price.

We encourage every Infiniti owner to stay current with regularly scheduled maintenance. These preventative maintenance services often prevent a huge breakdown type failure and really save our customers big bucks in the long run. If your Infiniti vehicle does need a repair, our skilled technicians can run diagnostics and repair your Infiniti automobile at a fair price. Our goal is always to prevent repair and focus on maintenance and save, save, save the value of your Infiniti.

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