Kelly Tires Burlington

The Auto Station is thrilled to represent the oldest tire brand in North American. Kelly brand tires were established in 1894 and today is celebrating 125+ years of providing motorists the best deal on tires on the road.  We consider the Kelly line of tires to be the best value tire selection available in the industry. 

Who is Kelly Tire?

From humble horse and buggy beginnings. Yep, that's where it started in Springfield Ohio in 1894. Kelly Tires began production of solid-rubber carriage and buggy wheels. Their pioneering efforts with black and blue rubber baby buggy bumpers, notwithstanding these are the first folks to work with shaping rubber into tires.

In any case, no other tire manufacturer has proved to be as durable as the Kelly Tire Company. From these humble beginnings, Kelly Tire has become the oldest tire brand in North America. The Auto Station is proud Kelly Tire dealer and continues in Kelly's 125+ years of offering a "Good Deal on a Great Tire" right here in Burlington.

Us presidential Seal of approval

Yes, Kelly is a great tire for the President of the United States

It's always nice to see the products we represent used on a prestige application. The official carriage of the President has been equipped with none other than Kelly Tires since President William Howard Taft. It's always a sight to see a classic carriage such as "Horse and Buggy One" - but those tires stand as an example of the great Kelly Tire history.

When did Goodyear buy Kelly tires?

It didn't take long before the larger and most successful tire companies recognized the value that Kelly offers. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company liked the tires Kelly made so much - they bought the company in 1935. Kelly has been operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the largest tire company in the world since.

A Good move for a Great Tire

Beginning in 2010, Kelly made the exciting jump to North American wide sales distribution. The Auto Station is now pleased to help bring the Kelly Good Deal on a Great Tire right here to Burlington.  Call one of our tire wizards to get a fantastic tire solution.