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Looking For The Best Mechanic in Burlington? Welcome To The Auto Station!

If you're looking to keep your car as reliable and dependable as the day you purchased it - you're going to need a good mechanic. 

The real question is what is a good mechanic?

At The Auto Station, we know that driving your vehicle to breakdown or waiting for parts to eventually fail is not the way to keep your vehicle operating cost down.  And, that maintenance strategy is certainly not the way to keep your vehicle safe, reliable and dependable.  Our difference is a top mechanic strategy that captures the real value of your car.

Preventative maintenance and predictive maintenance schedules are the foundation of our “best mechanic in Burlington” approach.  We review the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance each time we service a vehicle and report any need directly to you.  We ensure proper lubrication of all moving components, we ensure the good clean condition of all critical fluids, and we offer the best warranty coverage of any repair shop in Burlington – for no additional charge. 

Yes, our top mechanic in Burlington approach means we offer full warranty coverage on your vehicle if you complete regular maintenance on your vehicle - for no additional cost.

Our warranty coverage on standard repair extends to full parts and labour costs on every mechanical item we service for 3 yr/60 k.  In addition, all our fluid services are backed with a lifetime warranty on the vehicle system serviced – again at no additional charge. 

Why should I change my transmission fluid?

Your transmission will shift better, be better lubricated, and last longer if the transmission oil is maintained.  We also know that your transmission is unlikely to break down if it is regularly maintained. That’s why we offer you up to $6,000 lifetime warranty on your transmission if you change your vehicle’s transmission fluid according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. 

Why should I change my coolant?

Modern engines and cooling systems often use a lot of reactive metals like aluminum, iron, and magnesium.  The coolant additive package breaks down over a combination of time and temperature and ph acidifies as it reacts with these metals. 

The effect of acidic coolant is the premature failure of cooling system components such as water pump, thermostat, radiator, hoses, etc. as they corroded away from the inside. rocess and protects your engine and cooling system.  And, our coolant flush package includes our $ 4,000-lifetime warranty because we know clean coolant systems don’t breakdown. If it does – we pay for the repair. 

Why should I change my brake fluid?

Welcome to the future where anti lock brake systems and powered braking systems are standard issue.  These components represent huge advancement in vehicle safety but they are ridiculously expensive to replace if that becomes necessary.

To keep these systems reliable across all climate conditions these vehicle braking systems utilize "hygroscopic brake fluid".  That is fluid that disperses and suspends moisture to prevent water build-up that can freeze in cold weather.  Moisture contaminated fluid can become highly corrosive and damage brake lines, power-assisted braking pumps, ABS control modules, vacuum boost systems that are very expensive to repair.  Our brake fluid flush service include up to a $ 4000-lifetime warranty to cover any brake system failure including brake calipers – because we know well-maintained cars don’t break down.

What is a good mechanic? The Auto Station

We believe a well-maintained vehicle runs better, lasts longer, has a higher resale value strategy, and saves money in the long run. We know that every $1 spent on maintaining a vehicle will save $20 in unnecessary repairs and replacement costs.  We believe that a good mechanic saves your money.  And, if we maintain your vehicle according to the vehicle manufacturer’s schedule of maintenance and something goes wrong – we'll pay for the repair. That’s what we call a good mechanic!