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Burlington Michelin Tires

We believe that mobility is essential for human development. Michelin continues to innovate passionately to make driving safer, to make our tires more efficient, and to make our products more environmentally friendly.

A better way forward

Our priority and commitment is to offer our customers uncompromising quality. Michelin believes that everyone deserves personal fulfillment and challenges all employees to do their best to make our differences a valuable asset. Michelin takes pride in core values of respect for customers, people, shareholders, the environment, and facts. We are all sharing the adventure of better mobility

Value - Creating Innovation

At Michelin, innovation is the creation of new value that our customers can recognize. Putting innovation at the front of our strategy is our firm conviction. Innovation, whatever its source, is the main driving force of our development, competitiveness, and sustainability.

Expanding Know - How

Michelin drives collaborative arrangements with universities, research centers, and innovative initiatives. Michelin expands its know-how, compares viewpoints with other experts, and accelerates its own research and development drive. The company prioritizes customer involvement as early as possible to identify best options, to apply agile methods, and speed innovation.

The Michelin Obsession - Performance

Michelin tires reveal our obsession with quality by how they perform when they hit the asphalt. The attention to detail that goes into every aspect of the tire making process is incredible. The results have made believers out of many as drivers get the most out of their vehicles.

Expertise that runs deep

You probably can guess that it takes a ton to build ties that can handle everything that the modern vehicle can throw down. Michelin relies on 125 years of information gleaned from experience at the track, the test center, and the lab. Our constant thirst for knowledge has placed us at the top for quality, performance, and innovation.

The Quest for Performance

Michelin challenges our entire team from scientists, to test drivers, to engineers to push the limits of the expertise. We encourage our team to work together to devise the best solutions and innovations that push our product performance to the max.

The result? Sheer Exhilaration

Our knowledge base and expertise provide tires with uncompromising performance. Ones that last a long time, have great grip, stop better, steer better, and ride better. Michelin tires give you the kind of ride you want!