Muffler Repair in Burlington, ON

Exhaust Systems reduce noise and remove harmful fumes away from your vehicle. The Auto Station offers good quality auto repair in Burlington, ON and exhaust repair that are easily performed at low prices!

What the Exhaust System does: The role of an exhaust system is not just to dampen engine sound, but also redirects dangerous fumes away from your vehicle. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless chemical that may escape from an unsecured exhaust system. If the carbon monoxide is breathed in it could cause incredibly severe health hazards. For your safety as well as the safety of your passengers, it is necessary to have your exhaust system inspected and sustained on a consistent basis. Effectively working exhaust systems can also assist in protecting the environment from unsafe emissions released into the atmosphere.

Why service is important: A loud vehicle could be an indicator that it's time for a brand-new muffler or exhaust system. Identifying indications of corrosion, wear and damages might prevent fractures and holes in the exhaust system. The Ontario government has discontinued the Drive clean program testing as of April 2019.  The maintenance of the emissions control system in your vehicle still makes huge dollars and sense as fuel efficiency and engine longevity are directly related to a clean burning engine.

When to get your exhaust system looked at:

  • Loud thumps, growls, or bangs
  • Amplified engine sound
  • Signs of rust
  • A vibration or shaking of your muffler when idling
  • If your muffler is dangling lower than normal

If you experience an abnormally loud sound coming from your automobile, it is essential to get your exhaust system checked out.

Get Burlington, ON Muffler Repair

Have your vehicle's exhaust system evaluated annually. An exhaust examination will certainly consist of:

  • Inspecting that exhaust mounts are secure
  • Inspecting your exhaust pipelines for cracks and fractures
  • Checking your catalytic converter-- the devise that re-burns dangerous emissions
  • Evaluating oxygen sensors for optimum performance and proper fuel control
  • Checking exhaust manifolds and gaskets for wear
  • Inspecting the muffler for indicators of rust or wear

The Auto Station provides top-notch Exhaust Repair and Muffler Repair in Burlington, ON

We offer a full line of exhaust solution options, from high performance mufflers to aftermarket systems. Request a quote or schedule a consultation with our experienced auto repair mechanics today.

Have your automobile's exhaust system examined once a year.

Contact us soon to arrange your next exhasut system inspection in Burlington, ON. The Auto Station is proud to be your local auto repair center and provider of Burlington, ON tires.