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Night Driving Tip

Rear view mirror tip!

We’ve all had that blinded by the light sensation when driving at night. Whether the car behind has the high beams set or perhaps it’s just some hilly driving that’s causing a blinding flash, anyone that has experienced the night white out will not likely forget it soon.

Fortunately, most modern cars have a built-in night driving device to avoid this dangerous driving distraction. In many cases, the newer vehicle platforms have a specifically designed automatic lens adjustment that defeats the glare that can cause the well documented night blindness condition in an unsuspecting driver.

However, many of the entry level vehicles that are very common and highly popular are still fitted with a simple lever to position the mirror lens to the night driving position. Once set in this rotation, the focal length of the mirror is adjusted downward focusing any reflected light slightly down from eye level.

This setting tends to darken the view across the entire range of the reflective field but renders a complete view that will absolutely prevent the white out field from occurring. It’s a simple device that when put to use can truly promote driver safety.

Please review our instructional video for its application.

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