PDR - Paintless Dent Removal in Burlington, ON

Paintless Dent Removal in Burlington, ON Right Here, At The Auto Station

It used to be that any dent or even tiny ding required an expensive visit to an auto body repair shop to touch up.  Skilled auto body technicians would sand, fill the dent in the area with body compound, sand some more, and paint the dent to correct and restore the damage.  Those days have changed as many minor problems can be corrected with a simple and very cost-effective painless process called, paintless dent removal.

What is paintless dent repair (PDR)?

The short answer is that PDR is more like massaging your car back into shape instead of heading for the major surgery of conventional auto body repair.  It’s a quick and cost-effective method of removing a dent by massaging the damaged panel from the backside or from the front with special tools and variation of temperature.  PDR is a perfect option to remedy smaller dents and dings as it offers the many advantages over the full-body shop method:

PDR is fast!  Time to complete is usually a few hours or less.

One of the biggest reasons for the surging interest in PDR is that it is very quick.  We can complete most repairs and get you back in the car on the same day. This shorter stay for service means that you can get back to your regular day as quickly as possible.

PDR vs Body Work can help maintain your car’s resale value

The best part is PDR means no paint – you keep your car’s original paint job.  There are a couple of benefits to that – no effort to expertly match the original paint job, and there is no history recorded of bodywork for any repairs resulting from an accident.  Often a buyer will be looking for an accident history when purchasing a car.  The PDR method eliminates the possibility small cosmetic damage repair can be miss-interpreted as an accident event that may hurt the resale value of your car.

PDR vs Body Work saves a ton of money

Paint, prepping a car to paint, and finishing paint are the most time-consuming operations of conventional auto body repair.  Not having to paint translates into huge savings for you.  Typically, most repairs are completed for a fraction of the cost.  In fact, most repairs can be completed for less than your insurance deductible.

PDR is good for the environment

Yes, PDR is a great choice for saving time and money, but it also is completely environmentally friendly.  The PDR process does not use chemicals, solvents, and or primers.  It does not generate dust, debris, or waste that would require any product disposal of any sort of toxic material.  It is an environmentally responsible option.

Now, if the paint is scratched, chipped or broken in some way, PDR will not be an effective solution.  PDR is not an alternative method of fixing a peeling paint job but rather it is a method of repairing the appearance of your car without altering the vehicle in any significant way.

If your car has a few scratches or dents consider PDR.   Our PDR specialist can determine if your car is a good candidate for PDR restoration.  We’re happy to help! We offer PDR - Paintless Dent Removal service in Burlington, ON. Contact us today!