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Burlington Pirelli Tires

Pirelli started in Milan in !872 as a bicycle tire company. Today, Pirelli stands as a global brand known for its cutting edge tire technology, state of the art production excellence, and passion for innovation that draws heavily on its Italian roots.

A Powerful Brand

The Pirelli Brand is known as an exotic brand of technology and excellence. The Pirelli name stands for a premium, high-end style with an Italian heritage. The reputation of exotic fitment is rooted in its dominant position as a supplier to Italian luxury car manufacturers. The fame of the Pirelli name and Brand also stems from it's involvement in multiple activities outside of tire manufacturing. It's a tradition of sponsoring over 100 years of motorsport, Italian football club Inter Milan, the America's Cup winner - Emirates Team New Zealand, to the Los Angeles Dodgers, and many smaller community initiatives is good neighbour focussed.

High-Value Consumer Tires

Pirelli is constantly seeking to meet the ever-evolving needs and wishes of consumers. This determination can be seen in the continuing expansion of its product portfolio and the development of exclusive applications.

Pirelli recently launched Super Specialty such as Pirelli Connesso, a system that allows tires to communicate digitally with the customer about variables such as tire temperature, pressure, and wear. It has also launched the super cool customizable Colour Edition that allows customers to specify tires in the colour of their choice. Customers are also offered Specialties that enable cars to continue driving after puncture – Run Flat and Seal Inside, and tires that reduce road noise through Pirelli noise-canceling systems.

Pirelli History

Since it's origin in 1872 Pirelli has concentrated its efforts exclusively on the automotive car market. In the spring of 2017, Marco Polo investment group became the sole shareholder of Pirelli. An association through Prometeon Tire Group and Aeolus Tire results in co-operative production and marketing of Pirelli tires world wide.

The Auto Station is pleased to distribute the performance Pirelli brand and better serve Burlington's performance tire needs.