Power Steering in Burlington, ON

Power Assisted Steering Systems Maintenance & Service in Burlington, ON

At one time if you wanted to drive you had to have the arms to steer a car through the slow moving quick sand of a paved surface.  Today, power assisted steering makes moving any super sized sport utility vehicles around a crowded parking lot easier than finding an express check out lane at Costco. These simple hydraulic assist systems can offer an on road/off road driving response that regularly meets all expectations for even the most demanding drivers.

These systems are reliable and dependable, but they do require periodic service to ensure they remain problem free for the life of the vehicle and we've got the expertise to help you, here at The Auto Station in Burlington, ON.

Do I need to flush my power steering fluid?

The short answer is, yes.  One or two flushes over the service life of the vehicle will save a ton of expensive repairs in the long term.  And, we highly recommend starting this service before 80K due the extended coverage we offer.  Any power steering fluid service we offer is backed by The Auto Station’s Lifetime Warranty for all steering related failure repairs on your car – up to $6,000 if started before the 80,000 kilometres interval, $4,000 if completed by 100,000 kilometres and $2,000 if the maintenance is started before 120,000 kilometres.

These systems fail because of dirty fluid.  As the working components wear the fluid simply becomes contaminated with metal and rubber particles. The continuous circulation of this dirty fluid acts as a sand blast chamber and results in increased wear of the power steering fluid pump and the rack and pinion power steering gear.  We recommend regular maintenance to keep the system running perfectly and keeping your overall vehicle operation costs down.  In short, we can offer our lifetime warranty coverage because clean systems do not break down.

Can I drive my car when the power steering is not working?

Again, the short answer is yes – but you should not.  As far as safety, the car can be driven if you have the arm strength to do so.  It’s just harder to steer but there are safety risks if the driver can not manage the effort required.  The power steering fluid pump on the other hand does not do well when operated without fluid and a complete power steering fluid pump failure is the risk.  We recommend avoiding system damage if possible.

Not sure if your power system is properly maintained – we’re happy to help! Our mechanics are trained to maintain and service your power steering system and have access to state-of-the-art equipment in the process.