Pre-Purchase Inspection in Burlington, ON

Pre-Purchase Inspection - The Auto Station

Congratulations!  You’re thinking about buying a new car.

But, it is always a good idea to have a mechanic inspect any used car before you buy. It is also important to know a that Provincial Safety Certificate assures the vehicle meets a minimum safety standard and does not guarantee that a car will be reliable or dependable.  A pre-purchase inspection prevents unpleasant surprises.

Where can I get a used car inspected before I buy?

To properly inspect a vehicle a service hoist is absolutely a minimum.  A vehicle must be lifted in the air to permit a good mechanic the proper access to complete a full inspection.  Mobile inspections, test drives, and a quick peek under the hood do not provide the necessary access to thoroughly inspect a vehicle.

In addition, access to the manufacturer maintenance schedules, Carfax maintenance records on the vehicle’s service history, and computerized equipment with interface software to confirm all software updates to the vehicle are a mandatory minimum equipment level to complete a proper review.

Is a Pre-Purchase Inspection needed?

Every professional auto trader knows the importance of having a qualified specialist inspect a vehicle before they buy.  The average buyer, even if mechanically capable, cannot complete a thorough inspection without the proper tools.  A thorough inspection is the difference between buying a gem or a lemon.

Will the seller agree to a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

A trusted mechanic can tell you both what is wrong with the car, and what’s right with the car.  Smart sellers know the value of a reliable and independent inspection as it lends credibility and provides and additional selling point. 

It is up to the buyer to insist on getting an independent inspection before making a purchase.  The Auto Station provides a full digital report on the vehicle which can easily be shared by email or by text with another family, member, a lender, or anyone else the buyer sees fit.  Our report includes photos, videos, and comments from the inspecting technician.  In many cases, our inspection report serves as an excellent starting point to negotiate the purchase price of a car.

Our commitment is to ensure the buyer is fully informed on the exact condition of the car. The peace of mind in knowing the value of your new vehicle purchase is a bonus.

We offer pre-purchase inspection service in Burlington, ON. Contact us today!