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What is a differential?

When a car makes a turn the wheels on the inside arc of the turn have far less distance to travel than the wheels on the outside arc of the turn.  That is the distance differential.  That is why every car has a simple set of gears that allows one side of the car to move independently from the other.  This device is called a differential.

Front and Rear Differential

Whether or not your car has one or two differentials depends on how the wheels of your vehicle are driven or powered.  In the case of a rear wheel drive car, the engine drives only the rear wheels so only one differential is needed.  If, however, the car is an all-wheel drive the car is designed in such a way that power is supplied to all the wheels but each wheel is permitted to move independently through front and rear differential systems.

If you have a front wheel drive car you will have a transaxle which that functions as both the transmission and the differential.

Why do I need to change my Differential Fluid?

Inside the differential is a series of planetary and ring gears that permits variation of rotation speed to the output axles on either side of the vehicle.  These complex gear systems are flooded in gear oil to permit this system to operate smoothly under high load and prevent heat and wear.  As this fluid is subject to the high pressures in the gear interfaces it does break down, it does get contaminated with small metal particles worn from the gear system, and it does require periodic service.  This fluid exchange ensures this clean, fresh fluid will provide maximum lubrication and cooling in this critical drive line component.

Symptoms of Differential problems

If one of the bearing in your  differential fails, or if thin differential fluid is causing metal on metal grinding of the gear system you may experience the following problems:

  • A whirring noise on deceleration from speeds faster that 30 kph
  • A rumbling sound that starts when the car is traveling faster than 30 kph
  • A persistent clunk
  • A high pitched howling sound on acceleration
  • A banging or skipping when cornering

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms there’s a chance that you may already have a problem.  If you’re not yet having these types of problems but have more that 100,000 K on your vehicle it would be a great idea to have your vehicle inspected.

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