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Tire Repair in Burlington, ON

Tire Repair

Flat tires usually happen when you’re least prepared to be sidetracked.  Although most vehicles have a roadside tire change kit, they are often very difficult to access.  In most cases, roadside assistance is called to the rescue.  TPMS systems can really save the day as the driver is alerted to a dropping pressure and, more often than not, is provided with time to drive the vehicle to a repair facility.

Driving on a noticeably low or flat tire is highly discouraged.  Low pressure permits the side wall to sag, which will induce the rim of the tire to rest on the tire tread or on the ground, possibly triggering loss of control of the automobile and irrecoverable damage to the tire. One of the most typical causes of a flat tire is the piercing of a tire by a sharp object, such as a nail, which allows air to escape. Depending on the dimension of the puncture, the tire might deflate slowly or swiftly. Which may result in the following problems:

  • Damage to the valve stem;
  • Damage to the sidewall of the tire
  • Wheel or rim damage
  • Severe tire damage
  • Scrubbing of the tire against the roadway, ripping the tire, or separation of tire and rim by accident with additional objects;
  • Extreme wear of the tire tread causing explosive tire failure or permitting roadway debris to tear through it

Some tires, particularly a slow leakage, can easily be fixed and re-inflated; others, particularly those from worn tread, need to be changed.


We encourage every driver to inspect their vehicle tires weekly casually.  Every fuel fill-up is a perfect time. Here are some simple methods to catch tire issues before they become costly or unsafe. Making a simple, 5-second examination of each tire in a well-lit atmosphere can save a huge inconvenience and significant expense. Examine for un-even and un-equal tire wear, which may be induced by:

  • Excessive or too little air pressure
  • Problems with wheel alignment or tire balancing
  • Problems with the suspension
  • Unequal tire wear may indicate balance or alignment needs
  • tire damage

Any of the above can be may require action — quickly.  Continued driving with a flat tire, especially at high speeds, may result in a fatal collision. These problems have the possibility to create a blowout, inducing a loss of control that can easily be incredibly unsafe.

  • Splitting or protruding steel tire cord in sidewalls might imply there is wear or weak point
  • Foreign objects that penetrate into the tire (nails, screws, glass)
  • Cracks in the tire base
  • Separation of tread


If you notice any of these issues, see us for a thorough, speedy evaluation and tire repair. We’ll inspect and adjust your air pressure, do a visual tire check, and quickly return you to the road. Call The Auto Station now to book service for any tire concerns you may have, as we are proud to be your Burlington, ON auto repair service garage.

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