Toyo Tires in Burlington

As a retailer of Toyo Tires, we take every aspect of getting you set up with serious tires, very seriously. Therefore, we are driven to ensure your vehicle performs above and beyond in a variety of conditions. All tire companies produce a range of product - some great, some not.  We know the Toyo difference and will assure your tire fitment is driven to produce the best results.

Style, and Really Great Tires

Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Richmond British Columbia, Toyo Tire Canada Inc. is focussed on comprehensive sales, marketing, communications, and customer service for the Toyo Tires brand in Canada.  The Auto Station is a full service automotive retailer of Toyo product.

We distribute a complete line of Toyo premium replacement tires for high-performance cars, luxury cars, light trucks, and SUV's.

Find the Action, Find the Fun

Toyo Tires recognizes and supports those who are driven to perform. We don't mean to limit that to professional driving, competitive driving, or sport freak stuff. We support anyone who knows what it takes to come out ahead. So, whether you're at the track, the mountain, running the Gauntlet, or somewhere else – Toyo Tire Canada cheers you on and The Auto Station is here to deliver.

Driven to Perform

What does that mean? To many, it could simply mean that we have an exceptional line of performance tires. That's true, but Toyo Tires are also known to have a great line of great passenger tires, light truck tires for a variety of road conditions and a variety of seasons. Driven to Perform is not just a statement the Toyo Tires builds great tires that perform in a variety of conditions – but much more.

Driven to Produce the Best

The Toyo Tire company is driven to produce the best product possible. Starting with technically advanced supercomputer technology, to the use of superior testing methods in the extreme conditions, combined with actually testing tires in the weather conditions, driving conditions, and regions that they will be used in prior to getting to market ensures Toyo tire will perform exactly as advertised.

This dedication to detail, advanced thinking, and their drive to produce the best has earned Toyo Tires the distinction of being one of the favoured tire brands at The Auto Station.

Driven to be the Best!

The Auto Station proudly distributes Toyo Tires because they take every aspect of producing tires for their customers seriously. We like that.  No matter the advanced methods to design tires, test or race them in extreme conditions, ultimately all tires are driven in one particularly demanding area – the Real World.

And, that is where you drive and we deliver.