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Vehicles We Service

The Auto Station is home to highly trained and fully licensed automotive technicians that are fully capable of servicing the complete variety of domestic and imported vehicles. Our people have the expertise and the experience to service the latest OEM on car gadgets. We have the skills and the technology to diagnose, repair, and reprogram the complex computer and sensor arrays integrated in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). We pride ourselves on staying current with the increasing integration of computer assisted systems in the modern vehicle.

We routinely service vehicles fitted with auto parking assist, lane departure technology, adaptive cruise control, forward collision/emergency auto braking, back-up camera systems, and driver alertness monitors, etc. We regularly respond and refit vehicles that will no longer park themselves, do not resume preset cruise speed once braked, do not alert the driver to lane departure, etc. And, we also service some of the finer amenities such as cooled seat malfunction, cup warmer systems overheating, or blue-tooth connection problems – to mention a few.

Our team of professional automotive technicians participate in constant training at both the aftermarket and factory level to ensure that your vehicle is diagnosed, serviced, and maintained specifically to promote the full functionality of all safety and driver assist advancements. Our typical range of services not only extends the life of general propulsion drive systems but also services infotainment, comfort control systems, ADAS that keeps your vehicle from showing premature age. Our experience shows that system malfunction of “comfort features” generally leads to most driver dissatisfaction with the vehicle they own.

Our maintenance strategy not only targets your vehicle’s power plant, chassis, and drive train – we focus on ensuring that your satisfaction with the vehicle remains as all systems are fully calibrated to manufacturer specifications and continue to perform perfectly. Servicing Happy drivers is our core specialty.

Whether you prefer German engineering, Asian technology, or good old fashioned North American horsepower – we know and service the performance and refinements of all car systems – Domestic or Imported.


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