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Winter Tire Minus Sizing gets true cold weather performance

Winter Wheels – Its all about the tire size…


Original Equipment tire and wheel sizes have become larger and wider for better looks and performance in the last few years. Unfortunately these new performance based packages are not ideal for winter driving. So if you’re likely to drive your vehicle in the snow during winter, you’ll want tires and wheels in sizes that help put the laws of physics on your side by “minus” sizing.

What is Minus Sizing?

Minus sizing means using smaller diameter wheels with narrower, higher profile tires (but still maintaining your vehicle’s original equipment needs). By doing so, better deep snow traction is achieved, and can also result in great savings on Winter Tire & Wheel Packages. In addition, higher profile tire sizes feature taller sidewalls and smaller diameter wheels that resist damages associated with winter road hazards.

Benefits of Minus Sizing

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Deep snow Traction
  • Cold weather Performance

Minus sizing packages can be created through our web site when you search by vehicle type. The cost of minus size Winter Tire & Wheel Packages are usually lower than a package maintaining your vehicle’s original equipment sizing.

Best way to minus size for winter

  • Use the base model specifications for your vehicle.

This is often an easy way to select an appropriate minus size tire and wheel for your vehicle. For example, a 2010 Toyota Matrix Base would go from its original 205/55R16 – sized tires in favour of the 195/65R15 – sized winter tires and wheels from the Matrix base model. The small dimensional difference will reduce your cost while increasing the vehicle’s winter performance.

  • Traditional Minus Sizing

By using traditional Plus Sizing techniques in reverse, combining taller profile tires with smaller diameter wheels. For example, a 2011 Kia Forte Koupe would have an original 215/45HR17-sized tires in favour of a Minus One 205/55R16-size on 16″ wheels (where the wheel diameter is 1″ smaller and the tire’s sidewalls are ¾” taller) or Minus Two 195/65R15-size on 15″ wheels (where the wheel diameter is 2″ smaller and the tire’s sidewalls are 1″ taller).

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