Reviews make the difference

As an owner of a small business I know how important reviews are.  The new reality is that written reviews are the modern version of a word of mouth referral.  Supporting small business is something that always makes a difference.  I would ask that you take a few minutes and really lend some support.  Your assistance would be much appreciated.

We carefully consider and use the reviews we gratefully receive to identify a rationale on our need for improvement. We can often find specific rationales that might emerge from our customers views that we may otherwise over look.

First, we look for total consistency in our service strategy to maintain customer satisfaction. As an example, we received a comment from one startled but happy client, “They even washed my car on a rainy day.” The consistency reaffirms the application of effort we strive for.  The idea of spending a few extra minutes on everyone of our services comes into a positive focus.

Secondly, we look for a flaw in our previous practice as a means to refine and improve. We've seen comments such as, “ I love my new windshield wipers! Now to clean the inside of my window so I can actually see.” Yes, that comment now has us cleaning the inside of the window on a wiper replacement. Anything less is less than full service.

Lastly, we get a sense of the value of time. All reviews have taken the sender a few precious minutes to write and send through their thoughts. Those moments that could have been spent doing chores, helping others, spent with loved ones are sent to us and are appreciated in a way that we find hard to express.

To all of you that consider us helpful enough to send a few minutes of your time – thank you!


Best place in Burlington to get work done on your car. First class service and attention to detail at a very reasonable price. Mechanics are top notch and super friendly service. By the way they wash your car and tidy up the inside too!


The Auto Station recently did my brakes. They work great, the price was right and they are located close by. If you need brakes, I recommend you go see Steve at The Auto Station. Thanks Steve.


This shop provides honest repair and service. I wouldn't bring my " old girl " anywhere else.


Best service around!


There is nowhere else you can go to receive rigorous honesty from an auto mechanic!