Transmission Repair and service in Burlington, ON

The single most common point of failure in a car that results in recycling to the scrap heap is a failed transmission.  The modern vehicle has an incredibly complex gear ratio shift system that works at incredible pressures and temperature.  The most important fluid to keep track of and ensure proper maintenance in your car is transmission fluid. 

The Auto Station uses only the highest grade full synthetic transmission fluid products to service your car that we totally stand behind with free warranty dollars.  In fact, everyone of our customers following our suggested maintenance schedule benefits from our life time warranty on any transmission related failure for as long as they own the car. We extend a no charge limited warranty against transmission failure of up to $6000 with every transmission fluid service we perform.

Our promise is to provide the best auto repair services in Burlington, ON.  We believe that promoting the service life of your vehicle's transmission is the corner stone of our effort.

What it does: Transmission fluid not only coats and protects the moving components in the transmission it serves as a hydraulic fluid to drive the propulsion system in your car. This fluid is subjected to extreme temperatures and pressures in the cycle of driving your car that can affect the lubricity and protection qualities of the transmission hydraulic fluid itself. Maintaining the condition of this vital fluid will keep your transmission shifting gears effortlessly for 500,000 or more kilometers. 

Why service is very important: Transmission fluid loses effectiveness over time. Replacing your transmission fluid at routine periods may lengthen the life of the transmission and prevent certain transmission troubles.

Transmission service in Burlington, ON extends the Life of Your Car

Have your transmission checked if:

  • Your automobile won't move
  • Hard shifting into higher gears
  • Transmission appears to be slipping
  • Transmission is noisy
  • Leaking transmission fluid (magenta colored and sweet-smelling)
  • Grinding noises when shifting gears
  • Issues with the clutch
  • Check Engine light is on

Our complete transmission flush:

  • We utilize state of the art transverse fluid flush equipment
  • This method drives 100% of the old transmission fluid of the system
  • We use friction modifiers and corrosion control additives as necessary
  • Inspect for indications of wear, damage, or corrosion of transmission pan

The Auto Station offers quality Transmission Repair in Burlington, ON

Schedule an inspection for a transmission check and fluid flush today at The Auto Station.  We guarantee it will make your car last longer and avoid more costly problems for happening. Contact The Auto Station now to schedule your next needed Transmission Fluid Flush. The Auto Station would be thrilled to be your number one auto repair center and provider of tires in Burlington, ON.