Coolant Fluid Service in Burlington, ON

The standard fill for most cars cooling system is a 50/50 mix of glycol and water.  This fluid on its own will perform well over the full temperature range of -40C to 140C that an engine coolant system is routinely be subjected to.

This fluid however must be treated with additives to limit system corrosion, to enhance lubricity of moving components, and to arrest any chemical reaction with the reactive metals used in modern engine construction. These additives breakdown with time and temperature and the critical coolant system protection is greatly reduced. 

Why should coolant fluid be flushed?

As coolant absorbs and dissolves metallic oxides from the radiator, engine block, coolant lines, etc., it slowly becomes more acidic.  Acidic coolant in a closed loop operating at slightly above the point at which water boils is pretty much where the fun stops and the expense starts.  Untreated engine coolant reacts more quickly with aluminum, magnesium, cooper, etc, and pH further acidifies and becomes more reactive with the materials in the system.  The lower pH coolant fluid can cause some very expensive damage to cooling lines, radiator, connectors and hoses that can lead to vehicle dependability issues. These issues can easily be prevented by flushing existing fluid from the system and replacing with fresh fluid every few years or 80,000 km.  A coolant flush is a simple maintenance service that can save $1000's.

Is there any warranty coverage extended with coolant flush?

Yes.  The coolant product, the system flush detergent, and the fluid stabilizing additive product that we use are backed with a life time warranty on any failure of your cooling system of up to $4,000.  That's right, we offer total value.  If you flush your coolant with The Auto Station protective products, we'll pay for any system failure repair. 

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