Car Safety Inspections in Burlington, ON

Vehicle Inspections in Burlington, ON by the team at The Auto Station

Ontario Safety Standards Certificate

A Province of Ontario safety standards certificate confirms that your vehicle meets or exceeds the minimum MTO Vehicle-Safety-Inspection-Burlington | The Auto Stationsafety standards on the date the certificate was issued.  It is not a warranty or guarantee of the vehicle's condition.

You can buy and register a vehicle in the Province of Ontario without a safety certificate, but you cannot put plates on a vehicle without one. 

Our fully licensed 310S technicians and our standing as fully accredited MTO Motor Vehicle Inspection Station can help you obtain the necessary inspections and issuance of a Safety Standard to complete your vehicle sale or new purchase.

When do you need an Ontario Safety Standards Certificate?

You will need a safety certificate if you are:

  1. Registering a rebuilt or salvage vehicle
  2. Transferring a used vehicle to a new owner (unless the new owner is your spouse)
  3. Registering a vehicle in Ontario that was bought or came from out of province or country
  4. Changing the status of registration from unfit to fit

Safety Standard inspection Criteria

When we inspect your vehicle, we use MTO regulated inspection criteria to determine if your vehicle meets the standards to pass inspection.  We provide you with a full digital report complete with measurements, photographs, comments from the inspecting technician to ensure your understanding of the condition. 

We also routinely provide a full safety inspection on vehicles on request that is not for the purposes of a vehicle ownership change.  Our full digital report with full disclosure on vehicle condition often serves to provide peace of mind to anyone passing a family car off to a student, anyone planning an extended road trip, or anyone looking to ensure their vehicle complies with the provincial safety standards. At The Auto Station, we’re always happy to help.

Safety Inspections are done right from our Burlington, ON store, contact us today!