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Why is Maintenance Important?

Maintenance | The Auto Station

It is frustrating to have any form of car trouble, particularly if you are in a hurry or are far from an auto shop. These types of incidents can be avoided if you are able to regularly have your car checked. Regular car maintenance and repair can help prevent the possibility of you being stuck in these situations.

We believe a well maintained vehicle runs better, lasts longer, has a higher resale value, and saves you money in the long run. Automotive industry studies confirm that $1 spent on maintaining your vehicle will save between $17 and $22 on unnecessary repairs and replacement costs.

On Time Guarantee

We value your time
You’re trying to keep up with the business of modern day life, so when you car isn’t running properly or it’s time for routine maintenance, it’s important that things are taken care of quickly. We hear from new customers that they’re tired of hearing “we’re waiting for parts” or other excuses. We don’t make promises – we make commitments.

Our Facilities
Our shop is a one stop shop – meaning that very few services are outsourced to specialty facilities. When you bring your car to us we can provide all the services it will need. With all the right equipment at hand we’re responsible to schedule all your maintenance needs.

Up Front Diagnosis
We perform a hands on inspection to determine your vehicles exact needs that we use as the basis for our quotation. We will not diagnose your car over the phone and then explain that your car will not be completed on time to unforeseen repairs. Our delivery commitment starts with scheduling a convenient time for you to permit our experienced technicians to prepare a thorough up front diagnosis.

Scheduling Work Flow
In a busy shop, keeping schedules can be a daunting task. Using our unique work flow system, we dispatch work to only mechanics with expertise in any given area to ensure all services are completed in a timely fashion. We guarantee your car will be on time.

View Scheduled Maintenance

We’re the guys that read your owners manuals for recommended service intervals
All automotive vehicle manufacture’s establish a schedule of maintenance services listed directly in the owners manuals of every vehicle. As manufacturer’s they can best predict service life of components based on extensive component failure analysis required by industry standards . All of our customer service advisors do what most people don’t – we study these service schedules and know when you car needs what.

  • Complete Computer Diagnostics
  • Complete Safety Analysis
  • Drive-ability Problems
  • Tune-Ups
  • Oil Changes
  • Tires
  • Brake Repair Specialists

At the Auto Station, we’ll help you get the most out of your transportation dollars and preserve the life and the value of your vehicle. As your neighborhood dealer alternative our only interest is providing you with total car care to the car you now own. We gladly offer free smiles as we help you motor on.